Full Uninstall

Full Uninstall 2.11

Uninstall without leaving a trace


  • Lightweight app
  • Thoroughly uninstalls applications
  • Automatically creates system restore point


  • Expensive compared to free alternatives

Very good

Full Uninstall is a lightweight maintenance utility that helps you fully uninstall applications by searching and deleting registry and property files.

If you've had a PC for a while, you'll probably notice that it has become slower over time. This is caused by programs leaving behind unused files. Full Uninstall makes sure that each application is uninstalled fully so that no miscellaneous files are left behind during its removal.

The interface of Full Uninstall is super simple. You are presented with a list of applications. Choose one and it will uninstall it for you, then it will search your hard drive for any files that it may have left behind. Power users will be glad to know that Full Uninstall will provide a list of files and their locations so you can see exactly what's being deleted.

Full Uninstall is a pleasure to use but it's a shame that it isn't free. The trial will run for a lengthy 60 days. After that, you'll have to purchase the full version. The price is a bit hard to swallow when there are free alternatives out there like Geek Uninstaller that perform just as well.

Overall, Full Uninstall is a well design and thorough application for uninstalling software. Its full price may be tough to swallow but may be worth it for those who want a reliable uninstaller.

Full Uninstall


Full Uninstall 2.11

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